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Climate Action: The Urgency of Business Leadership

A Global Forum for Business Leadership on Climate

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Designed for Collective Action

BSR is proud to organize our inaugural Spring Forum, a collaborative event for 150 senior-level representatives from business, civil society, and government to catalyze bold, collective action on climate change.

The science is clear: We must hold global mean temperature rise to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels to avoid significant and potentially irreversible risks to our planet and population. The risks faced by business as a result of climate change are rising, and the opportunities for businesses at the vanguard are growing just as rapidly. By activating our network around climate solutions, BSR is working with members and partners to make a 2°C pathway achievable.

Graph showing carbon emissions over a timeline and the 2-degrees C path
When and Where

June 11-12, 2014

Châteauform’ City Les Jardins de Saint-Dominique
49 rue Saint Dominique 75007
Paris [Venue Information]

Featured Session

Business Engagement on Climate Policy led by "We Mean Business Coalition"

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Featured Speaker

Florence Tercier Holst-Roness, Director of the Issues Affecting Women (IAW) Division, Oak Foundation

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